Saturday, 25 March 2017 16:55

4 Ideas for Outbound Telemarketing - Pest Control

I live on the edge of town and unlike my concrete dwelling neighbors, deal with mice, spiders and the occasional snake (they’re there for the mice I suppose).  I have two pest control companies I use on occasion.  I am not an extremely loyal customer to either of these two exterminators, but nonetheless a customer.  To be honest, if I needed one of them right now, I am not sure who I would call.  Most likely the one whose phone number I can locate the fastest.  Both show up on time,  both have done a satisfactory job, and both have done absolutely nothing to earn my repeat business.  It takes more than timely and satisfactory service.  You must WOW me. 

I want to be courted by my providers.  I am the girl waiting to be called on a Friday night for a date, but no one calls.  I don’t receive marketing email and no one follows up after their visit to make sure that my problems have been solved.  No attempt is made to move me to a quarterly maintenance schedule.  Nothing but complacency on their part.  Much like the Cheap Trick song: “I want you to want me.”    

Here are four ideas to leverage outbound telemarketing and put an end to the complacency:

$1.       Build and maintain a customer database.  If you don’t have one, start now.  You can leverage a direct marketing company to help you cleanse this database for future marketing efforts.

$2.       Create a campaign to call past customers (those like me who haven’t heard from you in a while, nor have you heard from me).  Give me a reason to act with your company – a good deal and a proactive attitude would earn my business right now.

$3.       Business 2 Business lead generation.  Look at your newly formed and cleaned customer database.  Who are your biggest commercial clients?  What industries are they in?  Use this analysis to build a list of businesses to contact with a lead generation effort.

$4.       Did you solve your customer’s problem?  Are they happy with your service?  Look at engaging with a satisfaction measurement survey to build confidence with your customers as well as gain valuable feedback.  See more here: