Wednesday, 26 April 2017 09:22

Apps to Drive Productivity

Apps to Drive Productivity

There are thousands of apps out there designed to increase productivity.  Some do an excellent job of increasing workflow and efficiencies; others become a distraction.  Here are a few of my favorite apps:

An extraordinarily powerful tool for notes.  I have used both Microsoft Note as well as Evernote.  Evernote has a clean, crisp presentation and is extremely easy to use.  The “Basic” plan is free and includes 60MB of uploads per month.  However, for only $34.99/year you can upgrade to the “Plus” plan which includes 1GB of uploads as well as the ability to forward emails into Evernote.  The search functionality is powerful allowing you to quickly locate notes with keywords.  The “Premium” version even goes as far to allow you search text inside of PDF documents, Office documents, and scanned business cards.  I have just ordered a stylus for my tablet and plan to begin using my tablet to take written notes into Evernote.  While I have not fully gone “paperless” this application has helped me to clear a considerable amount of clutter from my desk.

Bannanatag is a great application if you’re involved in sales.  While a “read receipt” request in your mail client can be ignored, Bannanatag integrates with your mail client to insert a tag inside emails to track opens.  Ever send a sales email off and wonder “did they even read that”?  You don’t have to wonder anymore.  This application is not a smartphone application, but an application installed within Outlook or Gmail.  For $10/Month you will receive 100 tags per day.  I also receive a report when someone opens an older email.  On many occasions, I will get a notification that a prospect re-opened a sales email that I sent months ago.  What a better time to reach out, you’re top of mind.

Todolist is a simple, yet very effective application to manage your tasks.  It works across all of your devices, so I can add a task from any of my devices and it syncs.  This is very powerful tool when you have an idea or a simple task needs to be quickly noted and you are away from your desk.  When you finalize the task you simply check it off the list.  Email reminders are sent to you periodically alerting you of “overdue” tasks.  The only problem, it doesn’t “do” the task for you and I find that they begin to pile up in the application – overdue.  Eventually you need to clear them out as something completed, or decide it no longer takes a priority.

-J. Graven