Tuesday, 20 June 2017 09:33

New Name List Acquisition Got You Down?

New Name List Acquisition Got You Down?

Every day audience development professionals struggle with acquiring effective list sources.  Without a question, the most important part of any telemarketing campaign is the list.  The more targeted the list, the better the response.  It has been proven time and time again, that if you have an outstanding list, you can survive with an average product and offer.

Here are some tips to identifying better quality lists: 

$1·         Don’t be afraid to fail.  You must test to find new sources.  Every source you test is not going to be a winner.

$1·         Negotiate.  Negotiate with your list vendor.  Ask for the unthinkable, you might be surprised what they are willing to offer.  Recently we have negotiated free testing of data, net name arrangements, and replacement or credit of bad data.  You never know if you are not willing to ask.

$1·         Stop calling the same list sources expecting a different result.  In fact, unless they are providing you with some data that is drastically updated you can expect over time the performance will decline.  Think of it this way: the first time you use a responsive list you harvest the lowest hanging fruit.  Without updates to the list generating more lower hanging fruit, you will need a taller ladder.

$1·         To the best extent possible utilize inbound functions to build your own list.  While this strategy does not promote quantity, it affords quality.

$1·         Ask your telemarketing vendor to assist you in sourcing a new list.  Sometimes having a second set of eyes reviewing list possibilities generates different results.  List providers are constantly reaching out to telemarketing venders to promote their services.  In two recent cases GAD identified new list sources that produced considerable cost savings for clientele.