In an online world it is easy for companies to rely on the web to handle customer service and order processing.

While this is a cost effective model it can cause customer frustration where a live agent is needed to resolve complex problems, provide a voice for the brand, or provide an alternative means of communication for those who are not likely to utilize the internet.

The service we provide is much more robust than a friendly "answering service".  When partnering with a firm to handle sales calls you want an organization that embraces a sales enviornment that will encourage performance.  Agents are trained to look for proper cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as well as professionally handle customer service issues.  

Our agents are trained sales and customer service representatives that will do much more than just answer the phone!


Inbound services include:inbound

  • Customer Care
  • Customer Acquisition - Sales
  • Order Processing including Cross-Sell/Up-Sell
  • IVR
  • Call Escalation