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As an Audience Development professional, you’re tasked with developing an audience that your advertisers want to reach. But it doesn’t stop there. Today, publishers want measurable engagement, integrated lead generation efforts, increases in email collection rates, and wireless/mobile contact…not to mention (oh, alright, we’ll mention it): cost savings.

GAD has worked with hundreds of trade publishing brands to create engaged audiences through audience development telemarketing within numerous industry sectors. Our team is extraordinarily well-versed in the development of audiences for trade magazine publishers, you can learn more by clicking here. More recently GAD has worked to build audiences for micro-communities within publishing brands. These are highly targeted and engaged groups that are served specific content. In many cases the leads from these groups are sold to specific advertisers at a premium.

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The Best Time to Prospect…Is When You Don’t Have To

The Best Time to Prospect…Is When You Don’t Have To

Prospecting for sales is a process, an ongoing process. Many sales people get caught in a trap of filling the sales pipeline only to watch it dry up at the most inopportune time. Typically, as the pipeline fills we begin to concentrate on closing activities versus...

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