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Business Sales Calls

The sales psychology for selling to consumers is much more emotional in nature than that of a business-to-business (B2B) call. Business sales calls must incorporate a tremendous amount of logic and the ability to communicate a financial gain because of their decision. It demands a higher-level of sales qualification; usually leading to a longer sales cycle. To complicate matters, the industry being called might have its own “language” with industry jargon and acronyms.

GAD recognizes that your B2B telemarketing campaigns require:

  • A highly qualified agent seasoned for B2B telemarketing campaigns.
  • In-depth training.
  • Intensive “hands-on” account management.

Qualified Agents

GAD works to identify the correct agent skill set required for your specific campaign. These agents are carefully selected, specifically for B2B sales and lead generation. These agents must have the ability to go “off script”, engaging in an intelligent conversation about the product or service.

In-Depth Training

This is followed by a considerable amount of continuous training. While formal classroom training is a great starting point, continuous extemporaneous training sessions for agents to share key “takeaways” from calls provides a collaborative learning experience to help each agent further develop their sales skills for a specific campaign.

Hands-On Management

Each of GAD’s account managers have years of experience managing multiple types of B2B telemarketing efforts. Clients quickly find their depth of talent and willingness to offer maximum effort to understand the goals of our clients for each program that they manage. GAD’s account management team works to sustain contact with our clients; providing valuable feedback and working hand in hand to pursue solutions for obstacles and ultimately working to meet campaign targets.

Proven Experience

The variety of business programs we have experience with includes:

  • Lead Generation
  • Membership Associations
  • Continuing Education
  • Event Marketing
  • Audience Development
  • Dental Industry
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Construction Industry

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