Operating with the most modern technologies in Telecommunications:

GAD utilizes cutting-edge technology that allows us to operate with extreme sophistication, efficiency and flexibility. Built as a proprietary design specifically for GAD, our predictive dialing system carries the sophistication needed to comply with all regulatory standards, the efficiency to successfully manage a variety of campaigns that differ in complexity, goal, & volume and the flexibility to customize dialing parameters to each client's particular needs.
technology page

  • Windows and UNIX Software Platforms - utilizes the Intel Dialogic call detection.
  • Predictive, Progressive Dialer.
  • An array of Interactive Voice Response capabilities (Inbound & Outbound).
  • Inbound, Outbound and call blending capacities
  • Call Transfer agents can bridge or forward live calls from your customers to any domestic number specified.
  • PHP Scripting  flexible custom script-building that includes many advanced features such as triggers, email validation, quota control and more.
  • Call Monitoring conversations between our agents and your customers can be heard both on-site and remotely (so you can hear first-hand what your customers are saying).
  • 100% Digital Voice Recording - digitally records customer/participant conversations for security and verification purposes
  • Caller ID GAD can direct our call origin to be from your company and your area code; another example of our mission to be a seamless extension of you.
  • Email Validation This technology integrates with our PHP scripting, allowing each agent to verify a customer's email address instantly. This gives the agent the ability to correct/re-verify the address with the customer, should it be deemed invalid.
  • Lead Generation SmartScripter provides our clients with the ability to rotate lead generation questions in a circular fashion or based on lead quotas. The SmartScripter will automatically remove a lead generation question once it's quota is met.